How can we help you..

Are you an entrepreneur thinking of a business opening in Bulgaria?

Are you trying to find the right partner who will offer you a simple and at the same time reliable solution?

In this endeavoring, Balkan Capital Development comes to your aid which will effectively help you to your company creation as well as in any of your financial and legal transactions. You will benefit from our specialized team of partners, providing you with the best guidance at every stage – in collaboration with your other local advisors – to facilitate all kinds of your transactions!

How we work..

  • 1. We listen and understand

    Initially listening carefully to your own positions, so that we understand your goals and your own aspirations.

  • 2. We make the work plan

    Then, with the joint work of our specialized partners, we draw up our work plan, according to the existing budget.

  • 3. We implement the work plan with absolute success

    Finally, committed to our plan, eliminating any possibility of failure, using only legality and transparency, we complete our project, which is only your business success!