Relatively to your investment in Bulgaria, Balkan Capital Development provides you with a full range of investment & real estate services based on the genuine knowledge of asset categories. We can help you create and manage any type of structure that meets your needs, having an excellent track record of managing investment structures to:

  • Acquisition and disposal of assets
  • Introduction or restructuring of bank financing
  • Long-term possession of assets


But in case you want to INVEST IN GREECE in the form of real estate, the purpose of BALKAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT is to help you find the property of your dreams as it has many years of experience!

Immediate Service!

We immediately monitor every demand you express. This way we can respond as soon as possible to any interested prospective buyer or tenant.

Save time and money!

Researching and evaluating a property can take a long time. With our suggestions, however, you will make the smartest and most correct decisions!