BCD has remarkable reputation among its clients. We have helped many EU and non-EU individuals to establish and manage their Bulgarian based entity.

Below you can see some of the companies that entrusted us with their establishment and legal and financial management.

Lashed Cost Selling LTD

Established in 2015 in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria.
The main activities of the company include imports and exports of any nail products from China, Poland, and Romania. The company operates mainly under its trademark Nail Cocktail Boutique which is well known in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Germany. Nail Cocktail Boutique managed to gain a large portion of the manicure market in Bulgaria. Today it offers full spectrum of nail and cosmetics products!

Strength & Conditioning Nutrition UK

The United Kingdom based entity established an affiliate in Pleven, Bulgaria. The aim of the company is to offer the best and most effective nutritional supplements to all world-class athletes.
The company has created a new generation of cutting-edge and advanced research products with the best available bioavailability and very fast absorption of their ingredients. All sports formulas are extremely effective. Thanks to its experts, it has managed to develop true performance, enhancing and endurance supplements that have never been created in the global market. Using only the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the highest available active herbal extracts and the best ultra-fine powders on the world market, its products set the standard for the competition.

The innovative and highly advanced synergistic formulas were created after extensive research, conducted by the consulting company Sport Biochemistry, with the collaboration of more than 800 top athletes in various strength & conditioning sports (Track & Field, Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Tennis, MMA, Indoor and Outdoor Cycling, Football and Basketball).

Timberwood Actions Ltd

Established in 2017 in Sklave, Bulgaria, the company operates a two wood production lines, namely:

  1. Pellet production; and
  2. Sawn wood with increased production capacity for sawmill products.

The production capacity of both production lines allows the factory to fulfil all orders on time.

Fast Service 2018 Ltd

Established in 2018 in Pleven, Bulgaria, the company, offers mainly specialized internet services (website design, hosting, website promotion, SEO, etc.). The company also developed a remarkable commercial activity as it serves orders from Greece and other countries for Bulgarian market products on attractive prices.

Ritsos Commerce Global S.R.L.

Subsidiary company of Lashed Cost Selling Ltd. It was founded in Tarnaveni – Județ Mureș, Romania in 2018. The company specializes in the Romanian nail market (sales-seminars, etc.). Thanks to the experience of its managing director, it acquired a swift and significant share of this market.
The company also operated two online stores (venalisa.ro & neonail.ro), but in the year 2021 established its store aslo in Tarnaveni.

Agrogrup1 LTD

Established in 2016 in Pleven, Bulgaria, the company has excellent knowledge of the rural area, marketing and the sales of agricultural machinery, especially when based on European Union funding programs. It is main activity is in the trade of agricultural machinery to Greece.